Surface Preparation for Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturing

They say you can never be too prepared. They’re right.

When the slightest imperfection or contamination can grind a production line to a halt, it pays — in both time and money — to use a product you can count on.

Contec® Surface Prep is your professional partner for your surface preparation needs. We combine our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and longevity in this market with our customer-first approach to help you meet the strict contamination control quality measures that you and your teams face.

Clean Counts Most


Cleaning and Contamination Control Products for Your Production Line

Effective and efficient production line cleaning requires contamination control products that offer reliability and consistency. Contec Surface Prep has developed an innovative product line of presaturated solvent wipes, mops, swabs, and specialty products custom-designed for aerospace and automotive production.

Although finding qualified products and materials for your industry may be challenging, our aerospace and automotive industry solutions address contamination control throughout all aspects of production. Through our proven expertise and side-by-side support, we build confidence and trust into every relationship.

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Talk to an Expert

Contact Contec’s team of trained experts to discuss your surface prep cleaning needs.

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Automotive Surface Preparation

Contec is the recognized global leader in automotive surface preparation products.

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Aerospace Surface Preparation

Contec provides reliable and consistent cleaning products for aerospace production lines.

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Explore Our Aerospace and Automotive
Supply Products

white glove wiping down hood of gray car


Extensive line of cleaning wipes for critical areas in automotive and aerospace production including presaturated solvent wipes, nonwoven wipes, knitted and microfiber wipes, tube wipes, acetone wipes, disposable hand and tool cleaners, and multipurpose shop towels.

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CONSTIX® swabs conquer nearly every swab application challenge. They are available in different lengths, head sizes, and materials and are compatible with a wide variety of solvents and solutions. CONSTIX swabs for specific applications such as electrostatic dissipative swabs are available.

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Specialty Products

Specialized cleaning products for critical cleaning applications, including tack cloths made with low to heavy levels of tack, knitted polyester gloves in two cuff lengths, and contamination control mats.

Experts in Aerospace and Automotive Surface Preparation

Contec is the long-established leader in custom-designed products for specific applications, resulting in many of the products available today. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we control more of the manufacturing process than any of our competitors. 
Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 registered, allowing for greater process control and product consistency across our line of surface cleaning and preparation products.
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Aerospace Production

Contec Surface Prep is the recognized global leader in aerospace cleaning products, providing AMS 3819 cleaning cloths and meeting aerospace material specifications.

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Automotive Production

Contec Surface Prep is the recognized global leader in automotive surface preparation products and supports the automotive industry's need for critical error-free paint prep and other surface preparation tasks.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Contec, we have prioritized our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities since our founding in 1988. We treat our corporate social responsibility (CSR)as a self-regulating business model. Learn more about how we built our CSR policies around three pillars — our company, our people, and our community.

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About Us

Our ‘side-by-side’ approach along with our ingrained values of ongoing trust and support mean that you can count on Contec Surface Prep. As a business, we take our work seriously, but we have good, clean fun along the way too. Learn more about our parent company — Contec, Inc.

Featured Surface Prep Products

CleanTube™ Wipes

CleanTube™ Wipes

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Contec's SATWIPES Solvent Wiping System consists of nonwoven presaturated wipes dispensed from a center-pull roll in a reusable canister. Custom ...

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Knitted Polyester Gloves

Knitted Polyester Gloves

Knitted Polyester Gloves are laundered in a controlled environment for automotive paint spray booth and sealer line processes. Gloves are ...

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